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Robotic Boogaloo Update

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1Robotic Boogaloo Update Empty Robotic Boogaloo Update on Wed May 22, 2013 5:45 am

Typo Hui

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Fourm Member
I know it's a bit late, but I am okay with updates like this; regardless what spuf whines about (which is everything). It might just be a bunch of hats, but last year tf2 did not have a huge update after 2011 Christmas till late summer of 2012 (the Pyromania update). So it might just be hats, but it is something to break the ice between these dead times in tf2.

At first I thought, there should have been some maps, but imo, what is the big point of adding community maps? All the community maps added, had their own version before the official version (some even exactly the same). So why even make official community maps other than giving them a little money? As for some weapons, it would be nice but we did get the 3 newish weapons recently and they are very unique.

Overall, there is not much for me, but the idea is pretty dang creative and gives a little money to valve (as they really need it Razz) but more importantly the people who made the items.

Even the comic was fun to read (as well as the webpage) Very Happy

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