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[News] Prepare for Upcoming Update!

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1[News] Prepare for Upcoming Update! Empty [News] Prepare for Upcoming Update! on Thu Jun 27, 2013 3:08 pm

Typo Hui

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Fourm Member
Looks like Team Fortress 2 had an update last night that now has these tickets dropping. Much speculation and very little is known but this is what is known:

  • The levels range from #61-69
  • The ticket is supposed to be tradable for a crate on a later date
  • Obtainable through normal drop system (possibly counts as a common crate drop) or through someone on the server using "Pallet of Crates."

As I said before, there is much speculation on what this item could be, but this is what is only known currently! Either way, a summer TF2 update is on the horizon Smile:tinfoilhat:

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