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***Rules (put what you want on the gmod server)

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Typo Hui

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You can sugest anything you want to add to the server under this catagory, like maps, gamemodes, mods, props. Just as long as it follows the rules (ie: no porn ragdolls). This is what you need to do if you want to sugest something:

  • Put the item you want on the server, and do not forget a link to it. Explain a little about it, what it does. Also explain why this would be good for the server to have.
  • MAKE A POLL!! This is so that people can vote if they too like the idea or not, if enough vote it would likely be added to the server (how to make a poll is when you are posting, scroll to the bottom under where you type your text and you should see make a poll)

You can sugest sweps but you will have to have a good reason. I really do not want any sweps on the server. Most of the time we will be building and I do not want people killing.

Also I am VERY pickly with adding maps also. The only maps that I would most likely add would be Role Play maps (RP). I think the server has enough Sandbox maps. If there is a populare sandbox map that just came out, you can still recomend it.

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