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[Issue] Portal 2- Anybody else having this problem?

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Intern Member
Is anyone else here having issues playing workshop levels in portal 2? Whenever I try to load one it freezes up after a few seconds on the loading screen and crashes to desktop. Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp?  Evil or Very Mad   Suspect  Crying or Very sad

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Typo Hui

Fourm Member
Fourm Member
Hmm, I tried around a week ago for the portal 2 cards and had no issues then and I just tried right now and it seems to work fine confused

Not really sure what to say but have you tried verifying game cache? There is also, although I hate to say it, reinstalling it. My portal2 that works is one I just downloaded right before I got the cards. Aside from that, not really sure what else there is other than updating gpu or other drivers


I am seeing others complaining they are having issues with portal2 crashing. So it might be possible that there is no fix for it right now :S BUT one guy did say that verifying cache worked for him (but he is the only case of the half dozen I see that worked).



Okay, there are much more than I thought; further searching has many people having the same issue and no-one seems to know any direct reason to its cause.

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