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Minecraft Server 1.5.2

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1Minecraft Server 1.5.2 Empty Minecraft Server 1.5.2 on Wed May 29, 2013 2:16 am

Typo Hui

Fourm Member
Fourm Member
The IP: ---.---.--.---:-----
Click here to see which server is active!

Server Mod(s):

Mo'Creatures Mod v5.2.2 -- Link -- Forum
Forge Client  --  Direct Link
GUI Api 0.15.6-1.5.2 -- Link (adfly)
CustomMobSpawner 2.2.2 -- Link (adfly)
GrowthCraft (full bundle) -- Link (mediafire) -- Forum

*Note: The links were provided from the mod creators; use at your own risk. (this is just a safety precaution)

Pictures: not much has changed from the 1.5.1 thread, check here if you want to see them:

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