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My Quest for a Vulpix with Drought

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1My Quest for a Vulpix with Drought Empty My Quest for a Vulpix with Drought on Sun May 26, 2013 1:14 am

Typo Hui

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*sound of obtaining item*

"Randall has received Waterfall"

I dance in excitement knowing I can finally go to the Abundant Shrine to finally get my Vulpix with the hidden ability Drought. The last pokemon I wanted to have in my party is finally going to happen!

Rushing over to the Shrine, I completely forgot to even recover my other pokemon, so I still only had a vaporion alive in my party, BUT THAT NOT MATTER TO ME, because I was on a mission!

After watching some kids argue about a pokemon I could care less about (I guess the pokemon the shine was made towards), I quickly rush to the front of the hidden gretto and pull back the foliage blocking my path. "This is IT. I WILL FINALLY HAVE MY 6TH POKEMON."

I dart down the path to find myself puzzled that the room was empty; "this is the correct one right," I ponder to myself. I was told that hidden grettos held pokemon with hidden abilities. "Something is up," I thought as I pull out my item finder stating an item was infront of me.

"Randall has found Mulch"

Perplexed, I walk outside and capture a golduck (to be a HM slave) and decide to go back to a pokemon center to recover my pokemon. However, once I was about to receive my pokemon back: "Oh... It looks like your Pokémon may be infected with the Pokérus. Little is known about the Pokérus, except that it is a microscopic life-form that attaches to Pokémon. While infected, Pokémon are said to grow exceptionally well."

Shocked because this has never happened before, I rush to give the rest of my party by returning to the shrine. But before I do, I check the internet for more information about the gretto to see how specifically it works.

Depression struck as I find out that there is only a 1% chance a vulpix could appear in that gretto (and it being the only one). If the odds were not bleak enough, there is also a 5% chance ontop on the gretto spawning anything. This brings the total chance for me to find the vulpix at a solid 1/20th of a percent or 1/2000. Even though the odds are against me, I decide that maybe I could luck out; I mean after all, I did get pokerus which is around 1/20,000 to get. As I walk around to respawn the gretto, I decide to see about capturing a normal vulpix just to give me something to do and if I ever decide to give up trying to find one with drought.
As I run in the dark grass, out POPS a double wild battle. As I wait for the battle to commence, I ponder if I would even have any luck left to find a vulpix in the gretto, then out came:

My eyes glare in shock as to what I am seeing; “Is this for real?! First the pokerus and now this?” After failing to capture the pokemon, it used “take down” too many times Sad, I thought about the past few hours and my odds of all this happening. Even though 1/2000 is quite a number for someone like myself to pull off, that I would find pokerus AND a shiny pokemon in my one sitting of playing pokemon. It is nice to say something like this happened, but all I want is a vulpix with drought Sad

And thus, my quest continues… Evil or Very Mad

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