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[OUTDATED/LOCKED] Minecraft Server 1.5.1 (Public Post Edition)

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Typo Hui

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The IP: ---.---.--.---:-----

It is generally 24/7, but on some occasion it might be down for server updates or to temporarily run another server for whatever game.

The server is currently running 1.5.1 version of minecraft; as of this post 1.5.2 is out, so remember to NOT update minecraft. There also seems to be a new application to run minecraft which lets you choose between various versions you want to run, so you can avoid this all around if you want to use the new app.

Server Mod(s):

Dr Zhark's Mo'Creatures Mod - 5.0.8
Forge Mod Loader -
Minecraft Forge -

* I will definitely update the server to current standards, but I want to wait a little bit for Zhark to update to the new version as well, figure what he will do since horses ARE in the new verison of minecraft. Sorry for inconveniences!

Pictures of what is built on the server. It is not much but we gotta start somewhere right? Everything is built legit, no creative allowed! HOWEVER there is one exception, and that is to spawn the villigers, BUT aside from that there was no cheating!

Overview of the whole town!

Downtown, farming side of the town.

The market! They close shop at night, and open at different times in the morning.

Unfinished libarary. Librarians are found here as well as enchanting.

The reforging building.


Church with a priest

Stable that holds flying mounts

There are also bridges that connect the islands, although this is incomplete as well. We have other plans as well for more houses, zoos, and training areas to name a few!

*Thread will be closed when server updates

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