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New gamemode added (GMstranded 2.2)

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1New gamemode added (GMstranded 2.2) Empty New gamemode added (GMstranded 2.2) on Tue Oct 21, 2008 1:52 am

Typo Hui

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Fourm Member
Yea it is an old gamemode, but only recently I have started playing this gametype and enjoyed it. Also with this gametype, I have recently made a basic map (a forest in the snow at night). I will explain a few things about this map:

  • You know that it is a snow map in a forest at night
  • This map is made to make you possibly get lost at times
  • There is water that at times will turn to ice and would have to make a lot of bottled water to stay alive.
  • Stone on this map is VERY hard to find in the dense part of the forest
  • There is a fog that will appear at random times just to make it harder to get back to spawn or water pond. (if you are wandering the only way to get out of the fog is to get back to the water hole or spawn.)
  • There are wind sounds in the more dense part of the map
  • The size of the map is medium. (I will admit any though for its size, I still get lost a time or two; and i MADE this map)

As you can see I really liked the gametype but from the maps that I had to choose from on the internet, they really did not make it difficult to find supplies, so living on the map was for the most part easy. On this map survival is a bit more difficult, you can get lost for a little while, adding a new dimension to how to play the gamemode.

Right now I am still fixing some of the lighting. (Trying to make it a bit darker if possible, and fix the fog colors.)

At this time I am not sure if I will put this map on

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