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What is on the Map Showing Community Garry's Mod Server

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Typo Hui

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Fourm Member
Now this will take awhile to fix up but for now I can put as much as I know:


  1. PHX3 (svn)
  2. Spacebuild Model Pack Alpha2 (svn)
  3. WireMod (svn)
  4. Easy Engine (svn)
  5. Adv Duplicator
  6. adv-turret (Stool)
  7. stargate
  8. Extra_Npcs (just the Strider and Helicopter)
  9. LifeSupport2
  10. ULX (Admin Mod)
  11. ASSmod (Admin Mod)

(There are several more, but you do not need them for the server. Mainly the Models are all you really need)


  1. Sandbox
  2. SpaceBuild
  3. MSC DarkRP 1.0.0
  4. Go Fish
  5. GM Stranded


  1. gm_MSC_snow_flatgrass
  2. MSC_skydive
  3. RP_HomeTown2000
  4. rp_tb_city45_v02n
  5. rp_blackmesa_alpha30
  6. th_rp_town
  7. gm_Spacewar_V2-6
  8. gm_solarsystem_v2
  9. gm_botmap
  10. gm_robo_v2
  11. gm_construct
  12. sb_gooniverse
  13. gf_gofish_final
  14. cb_conblocks_beta2
  15. gmc_msc_winter_forest

There is also more maps but these are the MAIN maps that we would play
* If in color, made by a person on our community

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